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Monday April 15th 2024


New York Yankees: Remembering ‘The Scooter’

back, I'd have to say that Phil Rizzuto was the "voice" of my youth. It was the "Scooter's" unmistakable, high-pitched voice that would be resounding throughout the steamy living room during those summers in the late 60's when I first started following America's pastime. Whether it was his trademark "Holy Cow!" (which, at times, could be heard a block away) or his sending of birthday wishes to the "average Joe" in New Jersey or New York, you just KNEW it was summer when you heard Phil Rizzuto. Yes, I can picture homes in my old neighborhood-windows open-and actually hearing a collective Yankee telecast echo down the street in those days; Rizzuto's voice was everywhere.

I guess it was a "comfort thing" when it came to listening to the "Scooter;" no, he ...

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