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Sunday May 19th 2024


New York Yankees: Ranking the 10 Best Pitchers in the Organization

have to admit something.

Some of my best friends are die-hard Boston Red Sox fans.

Hell, my aunt is a die-hard Sox fan.

As we know, the Red Sox won two championships between the Yankees' 2000 and '2009 World Series titles.

Regardless of what we were arguing about, when it came to the Yanks and the Sox my buddies loved to pull out one line over-and-over again: "stop living in the past."

I'm telling you this because last week, when we took a look at the 20 greatest pitchers to take the mound for the New York Yankees, guess what I heard—"stop living in the past."

For once, maybe my friends are right (OK, they're right fairly often...damn, I just put that in writing).

Maybe ...

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