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Saturday August 13th 2022


New York Yankees Offseason Questions (and Answers)

OK Yankee fans. No more thoughts about the loss. The time for looking forward is now. We’ve already discussed Girardi’s fresh new contract, as well as looked at some of the players YOU want gone and the main reason why Cliff Lee won’t be allowed to come to New York.

But we know you need to move on, and trust us, we do to. So, to help us start thinking about our 2011 New York Yankees, we sat down with MLB Pitch Effects Auditor Stephen Florival to talk about some of the biggest questions still spinning the heads of Yankee fans.


Was the 2010 NYY season a success?

Steph: Normally championship or failure is the status quo in Yankee land, however the 2010 season was a failure for other reasons.  ...

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