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Saturday April 20th 2024


New York Yankees Notes: Mariano Rivera, Randy Winn, and the 2010 Draft

Yankees lost to the Blue Jays 3-2 yesterday in the 14th inning. Chad Gaudin was on the mound when they lost, with Mariano Rivera fully rested and waiting in the bullpen. I’ll never understand why you would ever use such an inferior reliever with Mo waiting.

Play for the win, not the statistic. I get it that the idea is that you want to extend the game, but you do that with your setup men and not your mop-up guy.

Here are some notes:

Joe Girardi’s excuse for not using Rivera was that he wasn’t willing to use him for two innings. Mark Teixeira got the old “Titanium Sombrero” by striking out five times. Andy Pettitte struggled in the middle innings, but still managed 7.2 ...

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