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Tuesday May 28th 2024


New York Yankees: Not Time for Drastic Change, Not Yet at Least

Jeter stinks offensively this year, plain and simple.  His two best hits have been doubles, but they were ground ball doubles.

Brett Gardner has more home runs than Jeter and Nick Swisher combined, but his OBP is .325 and he's only stolen at a 50 percent success rate in 2011 (4-for-8).

Phil Hughes has zero velocity and it's nothing physical based on recent tests.

Rafael Soriano has an ERA over 6.50 and a WHIP over 1.70.

These facts have New York Yankees fans up in arms yelling for the lineup to be shaken up and I have even seen Jesus Montero-for-Erik Bedard suggestions.  All I have to say is hold your horses.

Yes, there are aspects of the New York Yankees that have fans very concerned.  However, ...

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