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Monday April 15th 2024


New York Yankees: Lance Berkman Gets Noticed For Wrong Reasons

old George still been around, the incident clearly would have led to a public flogging, and maybe, even an old-fashioned water boarding, military aficionado that "The Boss" was.

Instead, the batting-practice liner Lance Berkman sent off Alex Rodriguez's shin was nothing more than a cringe-worthy incident and a succinct summary of Berkman's first week with the Yankees.

"Serves A-Rod right," you may think to yourself. Taking his eyes off the field to banter with Joe Buck, a noted douche, warrants some kind of penalty. But the timing couldn't have been worse for Berkman, who just wants to blend into the background these days.

It didn't help matters that Berkman had another hitless day, getting booed off the field twice. He's 2-for-22 since joining ...

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