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Tuesday June 25th 2024


New York Yankees: Jason Marquis and 10 Possible Trade Deadline Additions

are three things we generally know about the Major League Baseball trade deadline:

1) It comes on July 31st.

2) The Yankees are expected to make at least one big move.

3) Manny Ramirez will be rumored to be going somewhere.

Wait, what? Manny retired?! Crap. Well, until another eccentric, off-kilter, possibly unstable player who doubles as an RBI machine comes around and takes Ramirez's open throne, we know two things about the MLB trade deadline.

With the New York Yankees trailing the Boston Red Sox in the American League East, everyone east of the Mississippi is subject to hearing the hundreds of ways they can improve their ball club.

I'll make it easy on you and limit this list to 10.

Some ...

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