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Wednesday May 29th 2024


New York Yankees: Is Javier Vazquez The New Chien-Ming Wang?

has now pitched 20 innings, just under half of Wang's 42 last year. Otherwise, their statistics are eerily similar. Both of them have ERAs in the 9s. Vazquez's FIP, or sabermetric ERA, is 6.32, actually higher than Wang's 5.38 was. (FIP is a formulated "ERA" that uses home runs, strikeouts, and base on balls as inputs.)

That's mainly because Vazquez has already given up five home runs, or one every four innings. Wang gave up only seven during his brief 2009 tenure, or one in six innings. It's true that Vazquez' strikeout, or K/9 rate of 8.10 is at the high end of his career average, but so was Wang's at 6.21. Maybe they were both throwing too hard. 

The difference between a pitcher's FIP and ERA is due to batting average of balls in play ...

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