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Sunday May 19th 2024


New York Yankees: Is It Good They Missed Out on Cliff Lee?

short, no.

Cliff Lee is a stud. A rock solid ace who makes batters look foolish and guarantees his team that they have a chance to win every single time out. Missing out on a guy like that is never good.

However,as previously stated, had the Yankees signed Cliff Lee to a seven year contract, by 2013 the Yankees would be indebted over $130 million to a bunch of guys aged 33 and over. Very good players, yes, but players on the decline. That's a lot of money being handed out to players whose best years are behind them.

So where are the Yankees without Lee? Well, definitely in the short term, not as powerful a juggernaut as they would have been. There is a hole in the rotation—no question decisions need to be made between now and ...

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