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Monday July 22nd 2024


New York Yankees: How Pitching Will Win a Championship

Yanks enter the 2010 All-Star break with the best record in baseball and are on pace for 103 victories. But the big news in Yankeeland this past week was the non-trade for Cliff Lee. Since that deal fell through, ESPN Insider is reporting that a Yanks deal for Cubs starting pitcher Ted Lilly “has legs.” What I don’t understand is the Yanks’ sudden obsession with starting pitching. Yes, yes, there are those old pitching adages:

Pitching wins championships.
You can never have enough pitching.

But, seriously, is Ted Lilly going to improve this team? I guess you need to grab Cliff Lee if all you’re giving up is a minor league prospect, but even that seemed like an unnecessary addition—like one of those ...

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