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Thursday May 30th 2024


New York Yankees History: Joe DiMaggio and Chipmunk Journalism

DiMaggio was "the most celebrated athlete of his age, the best big-game player of his era, and a baseball player who transcended the barriers of sports in terms of the breadth of his fame."

Yet, he wasn't, by his own admission, a great man. He was "just a man trying to get along."

Joe DiMaggio joined the New York Yankees in 1936. It was a world that was very different from the one DiMaggio would occupy in his ensuing years.

When DiMaggio was a rookie, the only time fans could see him would be at the ballpark, in a movie newsreel, or—if they were fortunate—in a restaurant or similar public place.

There was little baseball coverage on the radio in 1936, and television was not yet significant, which meant that the ...

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