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Monday December 6th 2021


New York Yankees: Gut Check Time Has Arrived

you're like me—which means you're 30 and still play wiffle ball way more than logic should dictate—you don't trust this Yankees team.

You may feel strange for thinking this way. I know I do. They're probably going to win between 98 and 101 games. By all standard measurements of the sport, this means they're, um, pretty awesome.

But there's something missing, or at least there seems to be. The 2009 squad flashed special traits from the start—the A-Rod homer in Camden Yards, the numerous walk-offs, all those silly celebrations. They gave you the feeling as you entered October that they were different than the other failed experiments of the 2000s.

As it turned out, they were.

Other than Robbie Cano's ninth-inning game-winning ...

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