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Saturday May 25th 2024


New York Yankees: George Steinbrenner Wanted to Trade a Young Jorge Posada

Steinbrenner was willing to trade Jorge Posada in an attempt to acquire either San Diego's Rickey Henderson or Boston's Mike Stanley. General manager Bob Watson refused to knuckle under to the Yankees owner that was once willing to trade a young Ron Guidry.

On July 31, 1997 the New York Yankees had the majors third-best record and were leading the wild-card race. Watson wasn't convinced that there was a need for either Henderson or Stanley.

The Boston Red Sox wanted 25-year-old Jorge Posada, 25-year-old Ramiro Mendoza and four highly touted prospects for Stanley. If it weren't for Watson, Mr. Steinbrenner would have pulled the trigger.

Watson tried to talk the Padres and the Red Sox into lowering their demands to no avail. During ...

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