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Tuesday May 28th 2024


New York Yankees Fighting Through Rough Patch

misguided rant in three...two...one...

The New York Yankees and My9 are a match made in hell.

I wish I had the statistics to back this up—and let's face it, a rudimentary once-over of the schedule would probably settle this—but to me, the Yankees always seem to play poorly when their games are broadcast on the redheaded stepchild of free television.

I suppose this makes sense. My9 is the same network that pays its bills on the strength of Living Single reruns. Ernie Anastos is the face of their news team, a solid 15 years since he lost his CBS fastball. Russ Salzberg is the sports anchor. Russ Salzberg, people!

That said, the My9 Yankees telecast is identical to a YES telecast, right down to Michael Kay's ...

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