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Sunday June 23rd 2024


New York Yankees: Examining the Vazquez Conundrum

been debating recently why it is that Javier Vazquez has been put on this Earth.

If you asked Javier, he'd probably say he's here for his wife and three beautiful children. That would certainly make sense. His Wikipedia page states he's a huge wine aficionado, so maybe he's just here for the fermented grapes. Then again, he may go the religious route and say he was here for God. That's kind of the safe choice when asked these types of broad-based questions.

But you and I know none of that is true.

The reality is that Vazquez exists for Mike Francesa. He exists for Ken Rosenthal. He exists for Buster Olney. He exists for all the media types who have air time and print space to kill. He exists for Johnny Damon, for reasons I'd rather ...

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