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Sunday February 28th 2021


New York Yankees Coach Rob Thomson Needs To Go

Larry Barnes | Yankees 'n More  and The Yankees Daily-Press
Though he certainly wasn't alone on the list of Yankees employees who screwed up big time during Sunday afternoon's 7-6 win over the Toronto Blue Jays, third-base coach Rob Thomson was on top of the mountain.

For AT LEAST the fourth time this season, Thomson made the decision to send a runner to the plate only to have the runner, Nick Swisher in this case, turn into the first out of an inning. Unforgivable.

In fact, it's unforgivable if it happens ONCE. If you send a runner from third with nobody out in an inning, he better score. No excuses. None of the crap about, 'they made a perfect throw.' ... If you send a runner from third with nobody out, it better not be close. If ...

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