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Saturday December 5th 2020


New York Yankees: Can C.C. Sabathia Get to 300 Wins?

pitchers in MLB history have won 300 games over the course of their careers. The last player to have reached the milestone was Randy Johnson, and it took him 21 years to get there.

But C.C. Sabathia could be the next pitcher to get to that illustrious number.

Currently in his 12th major league season, Sabathia has 181 wins in his career—an average of just over 15 wins per season. Since 2007, he has won 17 games or more, including a 21-win season in 2010.

So far this season, he has five wins in eight starts.

Let's assume that, barring a collapse by Sabathia and/or the Yankees, he records a 19-win season, as he has done three times in the past five seasons. So, add an extra 14 wins to his record, and he has ...

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