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Tuesday June 25th 2024


New York Yankees: Calling Nick Swisher–To the Mound?

New York Yankees have one player, Nick Swisher, who can play at least three positions; right field, first base, and pitcher.

Last night offered an opportunity for him to be used in the last role, after he was successful in his debut almost a year ago against the same Tampa Bay Rays, pitching one full inning of scoreless ball.

The Chicago Cubs have been pioneers in such conversion efforts, turning former catchers Carlos Marmol and Randy Wells into pitchers, turning former infielders Robinson Chirnos and Koyle Hill into catchers, and making other switches of position players. But there's no reason the Yankees can't do the same on an opportunistic basis.

The former and current Yankee, Javier Vazquez, started off with three strong innings, ...

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