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Sunday April 21st 2024


New York Yankees: Brian Cashman’s Mix & Match Moves Make Him Look Like a Genius

the Yankees missed on Cliff Lee twice—first when the Mariners decided to trade him to the Rangers and again when he decided to sign with the Phillies. 

However, neither time can be attributed to lack of effort or offers from the Yankees. In both situations, the Yankees offered enough, if not more, to get Lee—first offering a No. 1 prospect in Jesus Montero and then offering too much money for too many years. 

The part where many were calling blood murder this offseason was when Brian Cashman did not go after Zack Greinke or another premier front-end starter. 

For a while, that seemed like it was Cashman's mistake. However, I said it then, and I'm saying it again now: Signing Pedro Feliciano ...

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