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Monday May 20th 2024


New York Yankees: Bartolo Colon Has Solid Outing in 3-2 Loss to Rays

it just me or did Bartolo Colon hop in a time machine before the game tonight? While he's obviously not the old Cy Young Colon of 2005, this is definitely an outing the Yankees would like to see Colon repeat in the future. 

After his horrendous eight-run outing to the Blue Jays on July 14, Colon came out with a much stronger outing tonight. 

He gave up one earned run (three because he left two hitters on base who ended up scoring,) five hits, and struck out nine. 

More than a few people were starting to doubt Colon's abilities, and rightfully so. Given Colon's age, his history with injuries and recent performances—Colon was in the hot seat. He was under closer watch tonight ...

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