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Monday July 22nd 2024


New York Yankees Are to Blame for Joba Chamberlain’s Performance

York Yankees fans first fell in love with Joba Chamberlain in Game Two of the 2007 ALDS, also known as the infamous "bug" game.

Joba was everything and more that night. It was the spirit in his young eyes that does not come around that often.

Yankees Universe went totally crazy for this kid that night, even making losing the game bearable. Joba was the future, an authentic, talented, home-grown player that Yankee fans had been waiting for since 1996.

New York City saw Joba as the long and overdue messiah of our most coveted sports franchise. Finally, fans could be proud again.

Joba became a hero before learning how to be an MLB pitcher. Mind you, Joba hails from a small town in Nebraska, so imagine adjusting to New York. ...

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