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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


New York Yankees: Are the Bombers and Cubs a Perfect Offseason Match?

me an A!

No. Not "hey". A.

Give me a J!

No. Not that kind of J.

What's that spell?

It's a Maalox Moment!

Never before have two letters—A and J—elicited such a wide variety of emotion from fans of the New York Yankees.

Some become angry. Others become nervous. Many, like myself, become nauseous.

It is no secret that AJ Burnett's performance over the past two seasons has been mediocre at best and his relationship with the fans a tenuous one.

Burnett has been involved in some oddities around the Yankees—from his unexplained black eye last season, one that he said was not a result of anything related to baseball to his "boy-band-esque" bleached blond haircut.

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