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Thursday May 23rd 2024


New York Yankees: Andy Pettitte’s Exit Shows Honor and Class

Charlie Peters

Andy Pettitte is a lot of things. A World Series champion, the master of a dastardly pickoff move, Roger Clemens’ former best buddy and the owner of 240 career regular season wins. And now, you can add honorable retiree to that list.

The former Yankee officially called it quits Friday, announcing to the press that he didn’t have the “hunger” necessary to chase a 17th season and 14th with New York.

Pettitte was still under contract for one more season at $11.75 million, a healthy chunk of change for a pitcher that had trouble staying on the mound in the second half of the 2010.

The real story lies here: in an age where Curt Schilling signs a one-year, $8 million guaranteed deal despite ...

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