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Friday February 26th 2021


New York Yankees’ 5 Most Tradeable Assets for the 2013-14 Offseason

New York Yankees don't have many trade assets this winter, but there are a few players whom general manager Brian Cashman could dangle in potential trades.

Cashman will more than likely spend most of his time gauging the free-agent market, but if the right package comes around, he might be willing to deal some major league-ready players.

Unfortunately for Cashman, his roster isn't exactly chock-full of trade assets. His major league team is old and has little value to other teams, and recent history would suggest that he isn't willing to deal the top talent that is stored in the minors.

There are plenty of teams that would be interested in the minor league prospects, but don't expect Cashman to part with them for just anybody. It'll ...

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