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Tuesday August 9th 2022


New York Yankees: 3 Lies About the Bombers That Need to Be Set Straight

New York Yankees are once again the center of the baseball world this off-season.

Drama tends to shadow any sports teams that exist in New York, but the Yankees manage to draw the most.

Blame it on the team’s history of success or the owner's outlandishly deep pockets. Whatever the reasoning, it becomes irrelevant.

Fact is that people love to hear about what the Yankees are up to, lovers and haters alike. With emotions running so high whether you are playing or watching sports, untrue and over-exaggerated stories start to sound factual.

Here are a few off-season fictions and facts that New Yorkers are immersed in:

“And they just had him slip away in free agency despite outbidding the winning ...

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