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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


New York Yankees 2011: Should the Yankees Be Concerned About Mark Teixeira?

No. Concerned? Maybe.

As of this writing, the well-paid, Yankee first baseman is batting .248—well below his .284 lifetime average, and a far cry from the .207 he hit in 2007.

After batting .220 last year in September and October, Teixeira started —for him—fairly decently. Tex batted .256 and six HRs in April, not bad for a notoriously slow starter. Since then however, instead of warming up as the weather warms—again, normal for him—Tex has gone the other way.

Batting .241 in May, including .226 for the past 14 days, Tex hasn't gotten much good wood on the bat lately.

For instance, in the past 14 days, Tex's BABIP is a pathetic .214. After hovering at about 20 percent for much of his career, ...

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