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Saturday May 25th 2024


New York Yankees: 10 Worst Moments In Club’s History

have been plenty of great moments in Yankees history. If you think otherwise, http://bleacherreport.com/articles/394107-giddy-up-the-21-greatest-moments-in-new-york-yankees-history, check that out, and then get back to me. But believe it or not, the Yankees have experienced a handful of heartbreaking and disappointing moments as well. And yes, I have lived through some of them. Before I present the 10 Worst Moments In New York Yankees history, here are some honorable mentions: 1) In Game 6 of the 2003 World Series, Josh Beckett pitches a five-hitter at Yankee Stadium, striking out nine and walking two. World Series over. 2) A-Rod and the Yankees lose to the Detroit Tigers in the 2006 ALDS - that was just embarrassing 3) 2002 ALDS vs. Anaheim Angels: Yankees win ...

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