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Friday June 21st 2024


Money Doesn’t Buy Championships: Dispelling The Myth

can't by me love" sang The Beatles in the '60s.  Nor can it buy an MLB team a World Series championship.  The dusty vestige of an argument locked in the attic for the past nine years was dragged out of the darkness yesterday morning, hours after Mariano Rivera closed out the 2009 Fall Classic.  The argument actually comes in a few different flavors, but essentially all of them are presented like this:  "Of course the Yankees won.  They spend more money than any other team by far.  They bought the Championship ." Take a moment and think back, and you will recall that the Yankees won only three playoff series' since 2002 before finally getting off the schneid and bringing the World Series trophy back to New York this year.  Yet year after year they consistently ...

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