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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


MLB: Why Wins Cannot Be Used Alone When Evaluating a Pitcher’s Season

has become almost heresy to still think that a pitcher's wins are a good measure of a pitcher's effectiveness. When put in context, wins are a valuable, but they are an extremely limited measurement.

At the close of play on Sept. 5, 2011 there were 12 American League pitchers with at least 13 wins.

The Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient between those 12 pitchers' wins and ERA+ was calculated.

The result revealed that a positive correlation of 0.70 exists between the two measurements. Simply stated, wins and preventing runs are correlated positively, but not extremely strongly.

A key is that using only wins to evaluate a pitcher does not reveal much, but using wins and ERA, ERA+ and WHIP is an excellent way to ...

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