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Saturday April 20th 2024


MLB: Why “Wins” Are an Irrelevant and Meaningless Pitching Statistic

baseball fans place a kind of special significance on a starting pitcher "winning" 20 games in a season.  Twenty game-winners are often by default considered serious candidates for that year's Cy Young Award.  Even greater significance is given to pitchers who "win" 300 games over the course of their career.  Every 300-game winner who has been retired at least five years has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.  

However, the reality is that "wins" as an individual statistic are often a misleading measure of a starting pitcher's performance and value.  Pitchers who play for teams with good offenses (that can give them a lead) and good bullpens (that can hold on to leads) have a significant advantage in accumulating wins over pitchers ...

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