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Sunday June 16th 2024


MLB: Waivers, the Trading Deadline, and the Integrity of the Game

year was 1967. The columnist was Leonard Koppett. The topic was trading a player for "a player or players to be named later."

Waiver Deals

In 1967, June 15 was the trading deadline. After that date, only waiver deals could be made.

In a waiver trade, each team is given the chance, based on reverse order of won-lost record, to buy a player's contract.

The major purpose of the procedure was to prevent wealthy teams vying for the pennant from raiding teams that were out of contention.

If the second place Red Sox wanted Elston Howard from the ninth place Yankees, all the teams with worse records than the Red Sox would have the chance of obtaining Howard's services.

The Yankees Sent Elston ...

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