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Thursday May 23rd 2024


MLB Trade Rumors: 10 Ways Yankees Can Replace Andy Pettitte’s Clutch Pitching

is impossible to imagine a postseason game without the reliable Andy Pettitte walking up to the mound and pitching the game to victory. The starting pitcher's future with the New York Yankees continues to remain undetermined. As he leans towards retirement, the Yankees are reliant on him now more than ever. 

When the Yankees' hopes of advancing to the World Series and winning their 28th title came to an unfortunate end in October, the reason for their defeat fell upon the shoulders of the entire team. Pettitte was one of the few players who stepped up throughout the ALCS. With a 2.57 ERA, nine strikeouts and one walk, he held up his reputation of being one of the best postseason pitchers in Yankee history. 

If Pettitte decides to retire, ...

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