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Tuesday May 28th 2024


MLB: The Home Run Derby’s 10 Greatest Performances of All-Time

years ago, Dave Parker was the first Home Run Derby champion, belting six home runs to defeat a field that included Jim Rice and future Hall of Famers Eddie Murray, Carlton Fisk, Cal Ripken Jr., and Ryne Sandberg at the Metrodome in Minneapolis. Since 1985, the Home Run Derby has provided some of the greatest moments in baseball history. If I write about all of them now, you will not have anything to read about. Everyone has their favorite moment, or at least their favorite home run derby duel. Since the installment of the derby, some derbies have provided unforgettable drama, while other derby performances have been nothing but boring, lacking the excitement fans want. However, the performances that you are about to read about, have been deemed the 10 ...

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