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Friday August 19th 2022


MLB Rumors: Yu Darvish and the Six Teams Vying for His Services This Winter

Sports and ESPN are reporting that there are six teams that are taking looks at Japanese star Yu Darvish. It is not a 100% decision by Darvish to make the move to the United States, but the teams are already lining up.

The system used to sign him would be very much like the Daisuke Matsuzaka system where there is a bidding war.  It takes up quite a bit of money as learned by the Red Sox, but it could all payoff. 

Dice-K was a lot of hype due to the World Baseball Classic, but Darvish has proven himself a bit more. He is flexible and can be adjusted to become a reliever or starter in the Major Leagues. 

Here are the six teams and why they may want Yu Darvish on their pitching staff...

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