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Friday August 19th 2022


MLB Rumors: Will Andy Pettitte Play For New York Yankees in 2011 Or Retire?

December 8, 2006, the Yankees righted a major wrong by bringing back Andy Pettitte after he spent three seasons with the Astros.

Pettitte has been on a one-year contract basis with the Yankees each of the last four years. When he came back to start the 2007 season, he said he left Houston to come back to the Yankees because he wanted to win at least one more championship in New York.

Pettitte was able to accomplish that in 2009 when the Yankees won the World Series. Pettitte was 4-0 in the 2009 postseason and won all three clinching games.

Now, at age 38 and after 15 years in the majors, Pettitte may be finally ready to call it a career.

In an interview with KHOU.com, Pettitte said that at the moment, he was leaning towards ...

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