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Friday January 28th 2022


MLB Rumors: Should the Yankees Look Into Trading for Chris Carpenter?

Yankees have a strong need for a starting pitching.

They lost out on Cliff Lee.

Andy Pettitte is undecided about retiring or coming back for one season.

I've thrown out suggestions like Brandon Webb and Carlos Zambrano.

The Yankees are rumored to not be interested in Webb, and a trade for Zambrano is unlikely because he has a full no-trade clause.

So if those options are out, they need to get a little creative.

Now, some of you have told me on here that the Yankees should just go as is, meaning Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre as the 4th and 5th starters in 2011.

So meaning CC Sabathia and Phil Hughes as the only dependable starters with an inconsistent A.J. Burnett, Ivan Nova and a god-awful ...

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