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Thursday May 23rd 2024


MLB Rumors: 10 Ways Yanks Are Better Off if Andy Pettitte Signs Mid-Season

Pettitte will not be ready by Opening Day, but will he be ready by mid-season?

Months of rest, vacation, and time seem to not be enough for Andy Pettitte. He continues to leave fans and the Yankees anticipating his decision to return for the 2011 season.

After Brian Cashman told reporters that Pettitte is “choosing at this stage to not start 2011,” Pettitte’s decision seems to be made up. But why hasn’t he announced his retirement yet?

Or at least stated to his team and fans his decision?

His uncertainty is something the Yankees and fans can be optimistic of. Although there has been no talk about Andy Pettitte starting mid-season, this is something that can benefit both the Yankees and Pettitte.

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