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Sunday July 21st 2024


MLB Power Rankings: The Greatest First Baseman in Every Team’s History

base is a funny position.  

Often, the first baseman is the team's best hitter, but one of its worst fielders.  Many first baseman are both indispensable (to the batting order) and replaceable (in the field).  

Though their impact is sometimes mixed, first basemen are vital to their team's ultimate success.  The 2010 Playoff teams are exhibit A toward that point; the starting first basemen in last year's playoffs were Mark Teixeira (Yankees), Carlos Pena (Rays), Justin Morneau (Twins, injured), Jorge Cantu (Rangers), Derrek Lee (Braves), Ryan Howard (Phillies), Joey Votto (Reds), and Aubrey Huff (Giants).  

Those names represent not only some of the best first basemen, but some of the best hitters ...

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