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Tuesday May 28th 2024


MLB Power Rankings: Roger Clemens and MLB’s 10 Most Superstitious Players Ever

no secret that out of all athletes, baseball players are the most superstitious.  As an ex-player, I can attest to this.  In the 14 years that I played, I never once spoke about a big game out of fear of jinxing it.  Whenever I came to bat (this was primarily in high school), I took four practice swings: one for my brother, one for my sister and one for each of my parents.

Yet, on the professional level, baseball players seem to take superstition to a whole new level.  Whether it's always eating the same meal before each game, avoiding certain actions on the field or some crazy fashion decision, baseball players take their rituals seriously.  To give an example, former pitcher Roger Clemens (pictured) always used to wipe ...

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