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Wednesday May 29th 2024


MLB Power Rankings: Empire Strikes Back in NYC

utilizes its award-winning baseball simulation engine to present the most comprehensive and unbiased ranking possible of all 30 teams in baseball each Monday during the regular season. To come up with the rankings, using only their statistical performance to date this season, each team is simulated against every other team 100 times (50 at home and 50 away) so that all five pitchers in the current rotation start ten times at each location.

(Note: If a pitcher who was in the rotation was recently put on the DL, he will not be included in the simulations.

Teams Ranked by Winning Percentage
(everyone plays everyone 100 times)

  Team Change Win Pct RS/G RA/G 1. New York Yankees +1 71.1 6.1 3.7 2. San ...

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