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Thursday May 30th 2024


MLB Playoffs 2011: Yankees Fans Win Statistical Battles, Lose ALDS

ironic that a film extolling the virtues of using a statistical approach to winning baseball games was released at about the same time as the 2011 New York Yankees-Detroit Tigers playoff series started.

Billy Beane’s philosophy is based on the premise that on-base percentage and slugging average are two of the most vital statistics. In the Yankees-Tigers playoff series, the Yankees did better in both categories. They also had much better pitching numbers.

Joe Girardi should ask for a do-over.

During the regular season, the Yankees outscored the Tigers by 80 runs, an average of about one half run per game.

The Yankees out-slugged the Tigers, .444 to .434, which is not significant. Neither was the difference in on base ...

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