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Tuesday June 25th 2024


MLB Playoff Umpires Strikeout Yet Again, Ruling Process Needs to Change Soon

playoff baseball has the best umpires in the business, there is something very wrong with the business. In a postseason that has already seen a number of gaffs, the six-man crew covering Game Four of the Yankees-Angels ALCS took incompetency to a whole new level. The umpiring team made three awful blunders, leaving fans wondering just how many men in black you have to have on the field to get a call correct. In the age of technology, it also reiterates the frequent call by many for video replays. The second base umpire Dale Scott botched a call when Nick Swisher was caught leaning toward third and was apparently picked off by Scott Kazmir. Later that inning, crew chief and third base ump Tim McClelland incorrectly judged Swisher to have left the bag prematurely after ...

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