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Sunday May 19th 2024


MLB Playoff Rosters: A.J. Burnett Does Not Fit On Yankees Roster

the postseason set to begin on Wednesday, the Yankees announced their roster for the American League Division series against the Twins. As expected, AJ Burnett is on the roster––although he is not in the starting rotation––while Ivan Nova and Javier Vazquez has been left out.

Now, it would seem to be a ridiculous decision to not include your fifth highest player on your postseason roster. However, looking deeply into the decisions made, the Yankees may have surpassed that would-be ridiculous decision by including Burnett.

The starters for the Yankees are set. CC Sabathia will pitch Game one, Phil Hughes will pitch Game two, and Andy Pettitte will pitch Game three. Don’t bother thinking that the Yankees might add ...

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