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Monday May 20th 2024


MLB: Modern Statistics Reveal Mickey Mantle Was a Better Hitter Than Willie Mays

the "experts" compared Mickey Mantle to Willie Mays, the first thing they mentioned was each player's batting average. Then they compared the number of home runs each player hit and that was usually followed by comparing their slugging averages. Finally, RBI totals and runs scored were cited.

Mantle struck out much more than Mays, which was considered a tremendous negative. Mantle walked much more than Mays, but on base average didn't become an official statistic until 1984.

After each had retired, Mays was generally considered the greater offensive player, although it was generally conceded that when he was healthy, as he was for most of 1956, Mantle more than held his own against Mays.

In 2011, a player's offensive abilities are ...

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