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Saturday May 25th 2024


MLB: Maris and Mantle’s 1961 Chase to Break the Babe’s Record

Maris decided that he would no longer speak to the press.

According to Clete Boyer, who was the third baseman on the 1961 New York Yankees, Maris had managed only one hit in nine at-bats in a doubleheader during the middle of August against the Baltimore Orioles.

A check on Retrosheet reveals Boyer was a little confused with respect to the games, but not about what followed.

One of the reporters asked Maris if he were choking.  That was it.  Maris decided that he would not speak to the media.

The story is true, but Boyer had one of the details wrong.  He never went one for nine in an August doubleheader against the Birds.

Boyer recalled how almost to a man, the Yankees rooted for Mickey Mantle ...

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