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Sunday December 15th 2019


MLB: Jonathan Broxton and 9 of the Best Players over 275 Pounds

it's been said, is the fairest of sports.

You don't have to be big to play it.

You don't have to be incredibly fast to succeed.

Some of the least athletic people have been very good baseball players.

Yet the game has not been kind to the big fellas. I mean the really big guys.

We've all seen Randy Johnson throw bullets with his 6'10" frame, but there are only a few guys in the history of the game who are over 270 pounds and have succeeded.

Jonathan Broxton, pictured above, is 6'4" and listed at 295 pounds. He has an overpowering fastball and a good slider. He's been able to sustain success while few others have.

Here's a list of big boys who have stood out in the big leagues.

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