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Saturday August 15th 2020


MLB Hot Stove: New York Yankees Are Pitching With What They Got, Not By Choice

is no secret that the New York Yankees are winning the biggest losers contest by a landslide this offseason. 

As they cross their fingers hoping Andy Pettitte sends word he wants to play, the waiting is making things look less hopeful.

GM Brian Cashman made it clear:

"He’s not in it. He’s told me not to rely on him, so I’m focusing on what he’s told us."

Not great news, but let's look at the situation for what it really is, as the Yankees head into the New Year:

Offseason Pitchers Who Passed:

Cliff Lee brought his talents back to the Phillies. Zach Greinke wasn’t worth the price, as the Royals taxed on serious demands. Veteran and member of the Yankee core four, ...

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