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Thursday August 5th 2021


MLB Free Agents 2012: Yu Darvish Bid Not from Yankees, Search for Pitcher over

it's finally official. The debate can end knowing that Yu Darvish won't be playing for the New York Yankees in 2012.

And let me say, boy am I happy it's over. According to the report, the highest bid was described as, "A ridiculous number."

To think after the disaster that is A.J. Burnett, the Yanks would want to throw about $100 million or more at another unproven, unworthy pitcher. But Brian Cashman thought the better of it and the Bombers have still yet to find their pitcher.

You can't blame them for being in the situation they're in. Or can you?

The Yanks, and Cashman himself, have signed enough bad contracts over the years that have made them gun shy when looking for pitchers. It's difficult, especially when ...

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