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Wednesday December 1st 2021


MLB Free Agency: Rafael Soriano Joining The New York Yankees

like the Yanks finally got their big signing of the offseason. After missing out on Cliff Lee, they needed to make a splash. 

The Yankees now have a new set up man and an heir to the Mariano thrown.

The details are still being worked out, but the contract looks to be a three-year deal worth $35 million; Soriano, however, has the ability to opt out after the first or second year.

If he does this, he will make $11.5 million or $21.5 million respectively.

This leaves some questions yet to be answered: What will happen to Robertson and Chamberlain with Soriano coming in? Are they now trade bait?

In the coming months, we will see what sort of changes this type of deal with bring, but this is a huge move by ...

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