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Tuesday May 28th 2024


MLB Free Agency: If Tim Lincecum Is Put on the Block, Should Yankees Inquire?

Yankees need pitching. We all know this.

So now it's time for another one of those crazy trade ideas by me for the Yankees this winter.

John Paul Morosi of FOX Sports made a very crazy suggestion for the San Francisco Giants in looking into trading ace starter Tim Lincecum.

Yes, the same Lincecum who is a two-time Cy Young winner and is one of the game's best right-handed pitchers.

And because it's Lincecum, that makes the idea of trading him a crazy suggestion. But there could be some merit to it.

Lincecum isn't looking to sign a long-term deal with the Giants anytime soon, and is going to keep signing arbitration deals to keep his contract short-term. This can't make Giants GM Brian Sabean feel too happy that ...

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